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Thanks to Sarah Eves we managed to get a picture of her wearing her custom sneakers while meeting New kids On The Block. Sarah is in the middle on her own with jordan, NKOTB  loved the trainers and said they where awesome :) !!

  • JLS

This is a tweet from Ortise saying how much he liked our design. He says it is the sickest thing he has seen in ages !! WOW

I also did a pair of Aston Merrygold custom painted shoes for Lauren Brennan  and she managed to wear them to meet JLS and got a photo of them looking at them. They all noticed them and although they weren’t allowed to sign them, they loved them and said they were ‘sick’ check out this awesome picture my 1st celebrity approval. Aston even took his phone out to take a picture of them himself. Buzzing !!!! Aston also said they were the best shoes he had ever seen before he took the picture.



I got a text from my mate saying Bobby Norris off The Only Way Is Essex is tweeting about one of my designs.  My friend posted to Bobby that it was our design and to contact us and surely enough Bobby started following us. After a few emails back and forth we decided to make him the most colorful and camp pair of shoes we could imagine, to get him and the shoes noticed by the press. So we decided on a rainbow colour scheme and surely enough our idea worked one week later Bobby was snapped by heat magazine wearing our shoes and he also wore them on shoot one day, so we have them on TV for a few seconds. It was a real pleasure working with Bobby he is a great guy and was fun making crazy shoe. Here is a link to one of the articles in reveal



bobby norris





I got this order from Jarrod’s girlfriend, who wanted to suprise him for his birthday. Jarrod is an Australian-born, Maltese rugby league player who plays for Workington Town in the Kingstone Press Championship. The idea she had was to have a picture of superman and to put Jarrod head on superman body.  I did exactly what the customer requested and the results came out great. Jarrod loved them that much that he got them framed and never wore them.

1471207_585319418183668_434351329_n 1479250_585319164850360_1681806653_n





I have never really been a big wrestling fan, so when a customer asked for a Fearless Nikki pair I was some what lost. So I did a bit of research and found out Fearless Nikki has a twin sister called Brei, who is also and wrestler. Together they are tag team twins which is awesome and has definitely now grabbed my attention.  Their biggest fan, Leah Davies decided she wanted to buy Nikki a pair of custom Fearless  shoes, so I painted them and she shipped them to the USA where Nikki received them. She was some what happy with the outcome and posted on her Instagram how happy she was .The response we had from this pair of shoes was our biggest to date, I never realised how many wresting fans there are out there!!




fearless nikki 11222899_944561595592780_2653740380035182519_n11220083_944561562259450_3317750568280956795_n

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